There’s always something going on in Birmingham. Whether it’s a totally new project, or one that seeks to breathe new life into the city’s historic sites and buildings, it’s a great city to be in if you want to gain invaluable, first-hand experience in the UK’s thriving construction industry.

Here’s what you need to know about the services we offer to sites and clients across Birmingham.

Our Services

Soft Strip Demolition

From outdated fixtures to windows, machinery, internal walls and any other non-structural elements that need to be cleared and disposed of before renovation work can go ahead, we can ensure a safe, efficient soft strip for your site – one that leaves behind a clean, clear space for the next team to work with.

You’ll find more on soft stripping here.

Asbestos Removal

Hazardous materials need to be treated with the upmost caution, no matter how commonplace they are in buildings.

Birmingham City Council offer a collection service, but, when it comes to asbestos removal, it is essential that only those with the proper training, experience and equipment are entrusted to remove this material from buildings. At Abruss, we approach every case of asbestos with the same respect and caution, and have been entrusted by many clients who want to ensure their site – or home – is left safer and healthier. 

You’ll find more on asbestos removal here.

Site Clearance

Ask any site manager and they will likely agree that mess poses one of the most significant obstructions to a project. Whether it’s caused by demolition or landscaping works, properly disposing of refuse can be a major hold-up, particularly when it comes to sorting and recycling.

At Abruss, this is our bread and butter. We can work closely with you to clear and recycle waste in order to allow work to continue on at pace.

You’ll find more about site clearance here.


Sometimes, health and safety mean regular demolition is out of the question. When this happens, every caution must be taken draw up a clear, robust plan for taking the building or equipment apart piece by piece, and disposing of those pieces safely and sustainably.

We have worked with many clients to ensure that risky projects are dismantled without putting the surrounding area, inhabitants, or environment at risk.

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We have extensive experience in demolition, from small-scale buildings to much larger, multi-storey developments. No matter how much experience and practical knowledge we gather, however, we remain committed to the same cautious, mindful approach to each project we take on.

We can ensure all work complies with the law, and that you are equipped with all the necessary documentation – site surveys, environmental plans, waste management and method statements – ahead of time.

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Why Choose Abruss?

Abruss is driven by a commitment to efficiency, safety, and concern for the surrounding environment. We have worked with many clients across Birmingham to ensure that their project moves ahead to the highest possible standard, and that all aspects specific to their site are considered before we begin work.

We are always looking to form a collaborative relationship – united by the same motivation: the project itself. With a firm commitment to our social responsibility, and a detailed understanding of the laws and requirements that shape the way we work, our services have helped homeowners, developers, and site managers across the country get the most out of their investment.