Coventry is a great example of two different eras of architecture and construction coming together, which means we’re always excited to be involved in a project taking place in this ancient city – whether it’s a small-scale job or a major overhaul of an old site.

If you’re based in Coventry or the surrounding area, then find out more about the services Abruss can offer to you below.

Our Services

Soft Strip Demolition

Taking a building back to its shell and stripping away any superfluous features – whether glass, machinery, partitions, decorative features or ceilings – is an essential part of renovating, and marks a real turning point in the project. But, at the same time, it can be a time-consuming, frustrating process if you underestimate it. 

At Abruss, we’ve managed a long list of soft strip projects, and have left teams with the perfect ‘blank canvas’ on which to start work. We sort and recycle any waste, and leave the site ready for the next phase.

You can find out more about our approach to soft strip demolition here.

Asbestos Removal

Spotting asbestos lurking somewhere within an older building is a common occurrence for developers and site managers, as well as home- and business owners. While it was banned more than twenty years ago, many building built before 2000 are still plagued by it.

We can work with you to remove any trace of asbestos cleanly and safely. All the necessary safety precautions are followed during removal and disposal of this hazardous material, and we can leave you assured that the site is safe for work (or day to day life) to continue.

For more information, click here.

Site Clearance

With so much waste produced each day, whether from largescale demolition or landscaping – or any other phase on-site – it’s vital that projects are underpinned by a reliable site clearance strategy.

This is something we can provide you with – a reliable, efficient means of clearing waste from the site and ensuring it’s ready to move on at pace. As always, we work to recycle as much waste as possible, in order to meet our own standards for sustainability.

If you’re interested in our site clearance services, find out more here.


Some structures and buildings are tougher to get rid of than others – and, when demolition isn’t an option, a more painstaking process of dismantling is required. In those instances, it’s we can be called upon to create a strong, time-efficient plan for taking apart a building, piece of equipment, or any other structure that can’t be demolished with the usual approach.

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At Abruss, we can also bring extensive, experienced-based demolition knowledge to the table. We can work to draw up a comprehensive plan for demolishing a building or structure on site, identifying any site-specific requirements and completing all the necessary documentation, taking into account all environmental and waste management concerns, as well as establishing a beneficial construction phase plan.

More on demolition here.

Why Choose Abruss?

Our specific experience has put us in the ideal position to collaborate on a wide range of construction projects. We set a high standard for ourselves, and work to ensure all aspects – from planning to waste removal – uphold our commitment to sustainability and concern for the local community.

We aim to collaborate with clients, and use our expertise to create a comprehensive plan that accommodates their project’s specific needs, and ensures all loose ends are accounted for before work gets underway.