Abruss Group Ltd are experienced in all aspects of demolition. Whether single storey structures, residential units or multi-storey tower blocks, we are able to assist with a wide scope of projects.

From our head office in Leeds, we run a nationwide operation. Abruss Group has the team, knowledge, and experience to achieve practical completion quickly, safely, and efficiently on any demolition project taking place within the UK.

All of our demolition projects are maintained and managed to the highest standards, and are compliant with all the relevant legislation and requirements. The emphasis we place on health, safety, and environmental awareness will be brought onto your site, and used to ensure a low-risk and efficient demolition.

How do you make a demolition safe?

Any demolition company needs to be built upon years of practical knowledge. Without that, it’s not safe to proceed – even with a job that appears simple.

Prior to any work commencing, careful planning and full intrusive surveys are carried out to ensure safety, timescales, environmental and any restrictions are resolved in the best possible manner.

For each and every project, we prepare and submit an array of documents, including fully detailed Site-Specific Method Statements, Construction Phase Plans, an Environmental Plan and Site Waste Management Plans.

Ultimately, we make a demolition safe by respecting any and all health and safety considerations that need to be accounted for, even in a small-scale project. Our commitment is always with the environment, local communities, and your own on-site team, and they are what inform our demolition services.

Sometimes, demolition won’t be the safest option. If that’s the case, then we can work with you to draw up a plan for dismantling unwanted structures or equipment, without putting other structures at risk.

How long does demolition take?

While demolition is a more time- and energy-efficient option than dismantling a structure, it should never be treated as a quick fix for site clearance. Any proficient building demolition contractors will take a cautious approach, even to a job that seems relatively straightforward, in order to ensure all variables are accounted for.

For that reason, the amount of time it takes to demolish a structure or building is totally dependent on the size and scope of the project. The planning phase, demolition phase, and site clearance phase all need to be carried out properly, or you risk major delays and setbacks.

After demolition, we can sort any waste materials, clear the site, and ensure they are properly recycled wherever possible. This is how we uphold our philosophy for sustainability, and leave you with a space ready to proceed onto the next phase of construction.

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We pride ourselves on the high standards we hold our demolition services to, and can guarantee that we will treat your project with the same expertise we would afford to any other. Whatever your needs, just get in touch with a member of our team to find out more about how we can help.