Abruss Group are able to assist in dismantling redundant equipment, or any damaged or unsafe structures that cannot be demolished safely. Before this process, meticulous planning is required in order to make sure everything is carried out efficiently and safely.

Demolition and dismantling are two sides of the same coin. In scenarios where regular demolition is deemed unachievable, our workforce is able to offer safe and effective dismantling services, all carried out under the correct planning and health & safety practices.

We have been brought into plenty of projects where demolition is relatively straightforward, but we have also visited many sites where a far greater level of caution is required. When this happens, we can take a collaborative approach – working with you to ensure the site remains safe, and that surrounding structures aren’t put at unnecessary risk.

When is dismantling necessary?

Dismantling may be needed where a building is located so close to adjacent buildings that there is little to no margin for error. Traditional demolition could easily cause damage to another part of the site, or, trickier still, to an attached building (say, a terraced house).

It may also be required when a structure contains a lot of hazardous materials. For instance, if a building was constructed using a large amount of asbestos, dismantling should be treated with extreme caution – and only by experts in the field. If not, you could be putting your own team and anyone in the surrounding area – as well as the local environment – at risk.

Alternatively, dismantling may be the safest option when certain elements or features within the building need to be saved for restoration or repurposing. When this is the case, you need to be certain you’re working with experts who can remove those elements without causing damage.

How is dismantling carried out?

Dismantling services depend on experience. The team you work with should be able to draw up a site-specific plan that accounts for any and all variables, and clearly outlines how they will dismantle the structure or building without causing any unnecessary damage or delays.

The process of building dismantling is achieved using smaller handheld tools in order to safely dismantle and remove components piece by piece. This means the team can stick safely within that margin for error, however narrow it may be, and leave the site ready for the next phase of development.

How long does dismantling take?

That is totally dependent on the size of the project, and what you’re looking to achieve with our dismantling services.

We will make an initial site visit before we create a comprehensive plan for meeting your goals, whether you’re coming to us with require major, industrial dismantling project or something on a much smaller scale.

Once we have a solid plan, we can provide you with an accurate timescale and, after that, begin the work of carefully disassembling the structure or equipment in question. 

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