Leeds is a busy city – a hive of progress where the views are constantly changing. Renovation works and new developments give the city unique sense of character, and, at Abruss, we’re always excited to be a part of the city’s next evolution – large or small.

Our services range from single, residential homes to largescale building sites. Find out more about what we can offer to sites in Leeds and the surrounding area below.

Our Services

Soft Strip Demolition

At Abruss, we have extensive experience in providing soft strip demolition services to clients looking to renovate. We can safely and efficiently pare a building back to its structural shell, creating a ‘blank canvas’ clear of any internal fittings and features, or external trim.

Waste removed from site is recycled or diverted from landfill wherever possible, and ensuring that we leave the building ready for fresh work to begin.

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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos was once the ‘wonder child’ of construction. Cheap, strong, and with insulating properties, countless homes and commercial buildings built in the post-war boom had asbestos used somewhere within them.

Even the slightest disturbance can send asbestos fibres into the air, putting people at risk of lung cancer and other respiratory issues.

While Leeds City Council maintains an asbestos disposal service, it does not provide any advice, testing, or removal services. Removal and disposal require expert knowledge and equipment – something we specialise in at Abruss.

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Site Clearance

After a demolition or clearance, waste can represent a serious hindrance to the next phase of construction works. At Abruss, we can quickly clear sites of any waste, leaving them ready for work to continue on without any unnecessary obstructions or delays – while also ensuring that all recyclable waste is disposed of correctly and safely.

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When demolition is out of the question – for whatever reason – our expertise means we are always on hand to dismantle unstable equipment and structures safely and efficiently. From planning to ensure our work has minimal impact on the surrounding area to ensuring waste materials are disposed of properly, the entire process is carried out with safety in mind.

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While commonplace in the construction world, demolition must always be treated with the same level of caution and prior planning as ever.

This is where Abruss really stands out – from drawing up comprehensive plans that account for site specific requirements, environmental and waste management plans, to maintaining strict time management so as not to hold-up the construction schedule, our demolition services have played a key role in countless projects across Leeds, and beyond.

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Why Choose Abruss?

At Abruss, we emphasise three core ideals at every job we take on: knowledge and expertise, value, and sustainability.

Our job is never just to clear, strip, demolish or dispose – it’s to work in close partnership with clients to ensure that we are always supporting the project (and site) in its entirety. We provide an efficient service, but we also take the time to put together a clear and comprehensive plan that ensures all the necessary precautions are taken, and every effort is made to recycle waste materials and avoid contributing to landfill.

We pride ourselves on our role within Leeds’s local community, and hold ourselves to high standards for ensuring equality, fairness, and environmental concern.