It should come as no surprise that London is, in many ways, the most exciting place to be when it comes to construction, development, refurbishment and restoration. Stand on any street, and you’ll see a city in constant architectural motion – a very good reason why we love to work with clients based in and around the country’s capital.

Keep reading to find out about the services available to sites across London.

Our Services

Soft Strip Demolition

Paring back a building to its ‘bare bones’ is the first ‘big step’ taken in any renovation or refurbishment project. It’s what allows developers to set the stage for fresh ambitions.

It’s also delicate work, with a relatively low margin for error. Years of experience in soft strip work has taught us how to approach a building with measured caution, and how to make certain that the stage is set right the first (and only) time around.

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Asbestos Removal

While it’s been more than two decades since asbestos was banned from UK construction, it remains an incredibly common sight. Once used extensively in roofing, insulation, cladding and flooring, London is doubtless filled with countless buildings constructed during the asbestos boom, and tumbling across this hazardous material is a regular occurrence for many developers and homeowners.

We know how to remove and dispose of asbestos safely, without risk to contractors, residents, or the local community. We take every necessary precaution, and meet all legal requirements for depositing of this material without risk to the surrounding environment.

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Site Clearance

Site clearance can be a time-consuming, costly, and tedious aspect of development, but it cannot be postponed without negatively impacting the entire schedule.

At Abruss, we have perfected the practice of site clearance, and can work closely with you to ensure that, at each phase, the ground is cleared of waste and refuse efficiently. We are committed to recycling as many materials as possible, and to keeping pace with the requirements of your site so as to avoid any unnecessary delays.

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What goes up must come down, but some things prove much trickier to dismantle than others. When demolition poses too great a risk – either to surrounding infrastructure, communities, or the environment – the team at Abruss can be trusted to handle the processes of dismantling and recycling safely and efficiently.

Find out more about our dismantling services here.


Demolition is a complex and risky process, but our approach to any demolition job ensures that safety and efficiency are prioritised. We complete a wealth of documentation on the site, from the Site-Specific Method Statement to a comprehensive environmental plan – and, after demolition has taken place, can clear the site of waste to pave the way for the next phase of construction.

You can get more information about demolition here.

Why Choose Abruss?

We know our role within the wider construction industry inside and out. Our approach was founded on a keen understanding of the roles and responsibilities soft strip and demolition contractors must meet, and ensure that every job we are involved with is handled with that same level of respect.

Led by two friends who share extensive experience in the industry – including project managing a range of developments in London and beyond – Abruss consistently provides an invaluable service to clients, defined by a clear emphasis on safety, efficiency, sustainability and practical knowledge.