At Abruss, we’ve spent plenty of time building strong, collaborative relationships with individuals, developers, and construction teams based in and around Sheffield.

Find out more about the services we offer to individuals and sites across Sheffield below.

Our Services

Soft Strip Demolition

While building something from scratch is a great way to make your mark on the world, there’s nothing like transforming something old and defunct into something totally new – not to mention unique.

Before the transformation can really get underway, however, soft stripping any unwanted, non-structural elements is key to creating that ‘clean page’ to start working on. Whether it’s clearing out old windowpanes, stripping a space of old machinery, tearing out superficial features that are just in the way, or knocking down internal walls and partitions, Abruss can carry out soft strip works efficiently, and leave a clean space for your team to build upon.

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Asbestos Removal

What started off as a do-all building material, great for insulating, roofing, and even flooring domestic and commercial spaces quickly turned into a nightmare for property owners – and the people that lived and worked inside of them.

Asbestos has been clearly linked to lung cancer and other respiratory issues. Now banned, it’s still dotted around the country thanks to its popularity in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Sheffield City Council cannot identify or remove asbestos for you, but you mustn’t attempt to get rid of it yourself.

At Abruss, we understand what precautions need to be taken for asbestos to be removed safely. We can identify, remove, and dispose of the material without putting anyone at risk.

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Site Clearance

Keeping the site clear of refuse during major building works is a difficult balancing act to take on, particularly when there are so many different materials continuously being thrown together as teams work to keep on top of schedule.

We can collaborate with you to ensure that clearance is prioritised, and kept as efficient as possible to ensure workers have a safe, clear site to get to work on. We can handle disposal, ensuring as many materials as possible are recycled.

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Sometimes, the margin for error is too narrow for demolition – but that doesn’t mean we’ll be ready to wash our hands of the project. When a building it positioned too close to others, or the risk to the surrounding environment is too great, we can take a more disciplined approach to dismantling it by hand, rather than any major machinery.

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Demolition is, of course, the more efficient alternative, and we can work closely with you to determine the best course of action for clearing a site of any unwanted structures or buildings, whether they’re one-storey or many, many more.

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Why Choose Abruss?

Our approach to any project is cautious but confident, and we consider it a job well done if we leave no discernible mark on the site in question. Whether we’re soft stripping a single storey dwelling or demolishing a tower block, the aim is always the same: to collaborate, and create a plan that suits the site’s needs down to the ground.

We uphold high standards for the environment and local communities, and hold true to the commitments that got us going in the first place: expertise, passion, and collaboration.