Soft Strip

Over the years, we have developed a highly specific skill set in soft strip demolition. Here at Abruss Group, our work has brought us to a wide variety of different strip out projects and, as a result, we have honed our approach to catering for and adhering to all the site-specific requirements presented to us.
We have worked on both industrial, commercial, and residential units. Whatever the job may entail, our highly skilled team are able to facilitate any requirements within your scope.

Abruss Group are leading soft strip demolition contractors, backed by years of experience and knowledge.

What is soft strip demolition?

In general terms, it’s the process of stripping a building or structure of unwanted, non-structural elements. It’s an essential step that comes before remodels and refurbishments, but also demolition work.

Soft strip demolition can be quick and simple, or it can be a relatively painstaking, methodical process, depending on what features are wanted, what needs to be removed and, of course, the size of the building in question.

What does soft strip demolition cover?

It can cover pretty much anything you’ll find in a building awaiting renewal or demolition. In and old residential building, for instance, it could simply mean removing old fixtures like kitchen cabinets and bathroom fittings, partition walls, doors and other non-structural elements. In an old industrial unit, however, it could involve the careful removal of old machinery and equipment, internal platforms, and other more specialised elements.

Windowpanes, alarm circuits, ceilings, flooring, and air conditioning systems are all examples that can be removed with soft strip demolition – and you can read up on some of our recent stories below.

In many cases, this leaves the building as a shell – stripped back to the basic structure beneath. Sometimes, however, only some elements need to be stripped, and others retained.

What is the difference between a soft strip and a hard strip?

Soft strip demolition contractors remove non-structural elements, whereas a hard strip means removing structural elements – either internal or external. There’s some crossover with dismantling – a gentler, more cautious approach than demolition, which can be used to preserve certain elements, rather than reducing them all to waste.

What about waste management?

At Abruss, we’re highly experienced in waste management and removal, and can ensure you’re left with a soft stripped building ready to be worked on – not piled high with refuse, dust, and clutter. We pride ourselves on our high standards for site clearance, and won’t consider our work done until we have left the site clear of any unwanted refuse.

We’re committed to recycling waste materials as much as possible, highlighting the sustainability of projects at every opportunity, and won’t just transport all the site’s waste to landfill.

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